A Story About a Painting

A story About A Painting.

I really do want to be serious about painting and learn to use my colored pencils in ways that are professional. But part of learning is just doing and doing and doing and with each doing you learn a little more. Here is what I learned recently.

I wanted to draw/paint (what is it when you put down pigment with colored pencil?) some bunnies that are actually green, rough, tabletop sculptures of mine. So I did. One was eating a carrot. Where did the carrot come from? Why from the Martha Stewart garden behind them. Oh, so I added the garden. It was barely done when Mr. MacGregor came to check things out. He has grown a nice beard since last time I saw him. I am not sure about his plans for the pitchfork, though. I hope he doesn't plan to go after the bunnies. Well, he seemed to be in a good mood. Suddenly,I heard a noise. Here came Farmer John D. in his tractor. I really have no idea what he is doing there - the garden doesn't look large enough to need a tractor. It is only a few rows of cabbages, carrots, radishes and beets. He didn't appear to be ready to do any harm so I took a deep breath and started on the tree when my eye as caught by a door. Yes, a door. Yes, in the tree. Lovely color and look, two windows. I wonder who lives there but I am afraid to hang around to find out. I think that it might be time for a drink. Maybe a nap.

See what happens when you just want to have fun?

What have you been doing to have fun?


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