Just a quick word

Most important, Dean has taken the last of the steroids and his blood sugar is back to a reasonable (non-insulin requiring) range. He goes to kidney doctor tomorrow for blood work; I think it will show improvement. 

 Sometimes the weeds are as pretty as the flowers. Isn't this one sweet?

The siding is going up and will be finished this week. The final paint color will be a little lighter than this - more like the mortar color ;" buff," I guess it would be called.  

The decking has been ordered and is in and the fasteners are on the way. There will be a rail and, on the far side, there will be steps. The hostas have taken a beating but I think that they will survive and be beautiful under the big tree. Once the outside is finished we have lots to do inside. I am calling tomorrow about the flooring. We are considering marmoleum - red! There is no dealer here so we will have to work with someone in Knoxville about an hour up the interstate. 
Today was sunny for most of the day. All is well. 

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Unknown said…
I will be so jealous of the red flooring but happy for you!
Chrissy said…
You must be so excited now that summer is coming and you can share your lovely new verandah with Dean knowing he is well-cared for and on the mend.

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