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and another

I find that my space bar is not working properly and it is very aggravating and  it slows me down enough to make me grit my teeth. At our house, today is pirate day.Arrrgh!  
Here is another of this week's paintings (actually,THE other) I was looking across the yard two doors up at the light on the grass and the leaves. It is fairly abstract,but I was trying for a sunny fall day feeling, not a portrait. A portrait of the space  I could do with the camera much better than with paints. I hope that this is a beautiful day for you.
All is well, XOXOXO, Caroline

I have been reminded

I have been reminded that I haven't posted in a while, so today I am showing you three pears, two ways.
This one was done with palette knives. I like to use them but it is difficult to make nice curves.That is not a bad spot in the front pear,I just got the darker part too dark.
This was done with a brush. Dean doesn't like the large brushstrokes but I do.What do you think?
 I must stop to work on my computer, the pressureiswrong and I am going nuts! All is well(exceptthecomputer)
XOXOXO, Caroline

Looking the other way

What do you do after painting Worth Street looking toward 8th  Street? Why you paint Worth Street looking toward 6th, of course. I think that I might be beginning to get the hang of this just a little!

All is well,   XOXOXO, Caroline


This painting is of the sidewalk across the street from my house. We are working on light/illumination so the most important part is the light and shadow. I have included the original photo so you can see what I was working from. I am not displeased although I can see where it can be improved.  I guess that there is always room for improvement at this stage of the game.

I enjoy working in oils even more than I thought I would. I don't use any solvents so it is a safer studio to have in the house. I also use a painting knife instead of a brush and it cleans up with just a wipe. I might use brushes at some point but they can be cleaned with walnut oil followed by soap - still no solvent. I don't think I could do it if I had to use turpentine despite the nursery rhyme about Queen Caroline who washed her hair in turpentine to make it shine. 
All is well, XOXOXO, Caroline 

Hello again

Boy, is it ever easy to get behind on a blog!  Life has been busy, as usual these days, although sometimes busy means a lot of time on the internet reading claims and counterclaims and trash about the election. I will be so glad when all this is over.  I am not sold on either candidate but having either will surely be better than all this acrimony. Rant over. 
Here is my latest painting. It is the yard and garage across the street, something I have painted previously but it is still there to paint again. I hope that each time I am able to apply a little more of what I have learned and do a little better. 

We are having beautiful cool but sunny days here but are desperate for rain, being as we are on the dividing line between red and maroon on the drought map. I can't remember the labels they use but it is between really really dry and amazingly dry. We had about two minutes of gentle shower yesterday. The sidewalk under the trees did not even get wet. 
I will try …

New Painting

The beach has been on my mind, but this beach is on the west coast of Florida and should be out of harm's way. This is Sanibel at the Beach Club.The roll of canvas that I ordered came today so I had to try it out. I like working on it; it is different from either paper or those little canvas covered boards I started with. 
I am still learning the oils and mixing colors with them but the thing I really must learn is how to keep them off my hands! I touch something and then something else and pretty soon there is paint where I don't want it (my face, for example). Not to late to learn better habits, I hope!! All is well and I hope that all are safe in GA and SC. XOXOXO, Caroline


I made a painting of Tybee Island that I showed you (I think I showed you. I post them on the class FB page and sometimesdon't get to the blog !) I have a few others that I took on the same trip. I just wish I had more from Charleston and Hilton Head and Jekyll Island and Brunswick and Ocean Isle and all the other coastal places where we had such lovely times with friends. I am much afraid that the next time we see them things will be very different.

Here is my latest painting, done from one of my teacher Mary Wilkerson's photos. I am pleased with this painting although I can still see lots of room for improvement.

I will be glad to see the last of Hurricane Matthew. My heart has been heavy all day thinking of the damage and loss of life that have happened and what lies ahead.  When I say "all will be well", I sincerely mean it but I certainly don't mean that all will be happy or easy or light. I think you probably know that without my spelling it out. 
All will…

The old and the new

Well, I bought the oil paints and started with them. So far I really do like them. I have only used them with the knife which is very easy to clean - just wipe it off.  Some people use solvents to clean their brushes but I will be just wiping them off and cleaning with walnut oil and then Ivory soap. Solvents just aren't all that good for you to use - especially in your house and that is where my studio is. 
Here are two paintings of the beach at Tybee Island, where the Savannah River joins the Atlantic Ocean. It might be that it felt more different to paint them than appears in the way they look. I can't say about that, but I will be using the oils for a while at least and possibly I might just become an oil painter. I do have some acrylic pieces that need to be finished and I will work on and finish them, of course. Some are in an exhibit right now and I might try to exhibit others but I don't expect to begin others in the near future.

I didn't have exac…