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#2 in the series

I am continuing to work on the Red/Black series, but took time off to go to Tullahoma to take Sarie to a birthday party when Jenny and Alex were taking Drew to a mini-triathlon in Murfreesboro. I went Friday evening and returned Saturday afternoon. Being lector at the 8:00 service Sunday morning had me hopping out of bed early but when I returned home I crawled right back in for a little nap. No studio work.

Yesterday and today, though, I worked and got a few things done. The organic piece is just about finished. I like the leaves over the black. Vicki (sister) called it compelling. I hope that it did not compel her to close her eyes!

Here is the strata piece after the pour and a little work. Bubble wrap to make the dots, etc. Turned out that I didn't like the dots and made some changes. Here it is after the changes. 

That is glare on the left. More changes have been made but I forgot to photograph them. The blue in the upper right is smoother and more organic looking. I think I phot…

Red/Black #1 Geometric

How it began

I have been working on an abstract painting. Abstract is not something you do because you can't draw, but a very intentional, mathematical and also intuitive thing. Here is my process as far as it has gone. There is still work to do, but I want to talk to my teacher, Sandra Paynter Washburn, first to get some direction. This is, after all, my first attempt.
                                                                   First steps
I poured and spread Crimson, burnt orange, gold and yellow on the paper. On a whim that I have since regretted I glued some broken eggshells (washed and dried) on a light spot. Then, with blue chalk, I drew some lines and shapes. An egg shape seemed logical, given the shells.

                                                                      Next steps

So much warm color seemed to call for something cool, so I did the little shapes in blue-grey. I also added some to the …

There's an App for That

Despite having been born to and raised by two of the cleanest and neatest people ever to inhabitant this earth, I am a slob.  I just didn't get the neat and clean gene. Is not that I don't like neat and clean and want it, but that, like an absent minded-professor, I have my mind on other things and just walk over and around things instead of seeing them. I have tried all sorts of methods from 3"x5" cards (Sidetracked Home Executives) to Flylady to long lists to get me on the right track but to no avail. Finally,there's an app for that.

This is designed to help you with your routines and ...*TaDa* you get STARS for doing things. The stars go away magically during the night and you begin again the next day. My routine is very basic; most of you would laugh at it but for me this works.  Gotta love those stars!!

You spend a minimum of 15 minutes working a a Zone.  I have someone to come in and shovel us out every other week, so my zone work is the strange little thin…

The garden of my mind

I have a few somewhat unrelated things to show you. Not that my mind jumps around, you understand, but, well, my mind goes in many directions - sometimes all at once it seems. The garden of my mind is a jungle.

First, here is a dragonfly that someone Sara found dead while we were in Sanibel. I really wanted to bring him home to add to my collection of wonderful things but I didn't have anything in which to safely carry him so I took a photograph. I was particularly interested in his wings, as you can guess. They are the very definition of delicate.

Vicki and I have decided to participate in the challenges (and they really are) of Danny Gregory's EveryDay Drawings. Yesterday the assignment /challenge was to draw something metallic. Vicki chose a very difficult object - a fork.  I know it seems simple, but try drawing one. I went much easier with my earring and then my bracelet. I drew in ink, which is another challenge for me.

I had a little trouble holding the book open and ai…

Carpenter Caroline

Well, maybe not carpenter, but I did use a saw and a mitre-box (both mine) this week when I decided that I needed a place to put paper towels, cling film and wax paper in my studio. Old dog. New tricks. Again.

I had lost the pegs that hold boards, etc. in place for cutting but found that a Faber Castell Pitt pen was just the right size to use. (below). A dowel would have worked but they were what was being cut!

 Unfortunately,  I didn't realize that the mitre-box would fit over the front edge of the table to stabilize it until the work was all done.(top right) Then again, I only cut three pieces of dowel from two longer lengths, so I didn't have much struggling to do.

Here is the finished project. The dowels slip into the holes on the shelf supports and hold wrap, or anything on a tube. I can easily remove them to take them to class if I want to, but they aren't on top of other things or falling off onto the floor. I feel very clever in a limited sort of way. 
Vicki came …