For post number 301 you get two for the price of one. I tried painting this little pitcher with a vine in it two ways - once with the pallet knife and once with the brush. Quite different in feel I think, and I am not sure which I like better. Do you prefer one to the other?

Sorry that one of these is there twice. I can't seem to get rid of it.

Between having taken some allergy medicine and feeling like a zombie today and having all the furniture in the middle of the room so that the workers could get to the windows to replace them, I didn't do much today. I tried to play Words with Friends but kept going to sleep and hitting myself in the face with the iPad! BUT my nose did not run!

All is well,

Old three hundred

This is my three hundredth post! I can scarcely believe it. But instead of something new and exciting I have another old painting that I have scrubbed down and reworked. This was painted first in acrylic and I had to work hard to get enough of it off to paint over it. It still might not make sense to you because you don't know what it is. That is the inside of a large (soup bowl size) cup with three plums in front go it. The plums really were dark purple (and quite tasty) and the cup is a deep, vibrant yellow inside. I worked hard on this but I still have much to learn to get the shapes right and the colors placed so that the proper depth is there. I should probably not show it but you already know that I am a student and I am sure that you won't judge too harshly.

On another front today I had a lovely FaceTime call from dear friends in Atlanta. They had gotten together and we couldn't get there. These are the ones who have been together during the time that our children …


Here is a picture of the grands that I painted, didn't like, reworked and now like. I am reworking several things since I have learned more and with the oils. I find the oils much more responsive to what I wa nt to do and I am so glad that I took the class that started me on them.I will be reworking a few other older paintings and doing some new ones also in the next few days.

I didn't know!

I didn't know about the real Pacific floating garbage island. or whatever it is really called. I pictured since I first heard of it, a large conglomeration of plastic bottles, ropes, fishing line and other trash caught up together in a floating pile. Today I did a little research and found out that it is actually tiny particles of photo-degraded plastic forming a kind of soup - not visible from space and hard to define on the surface. Of course tiny particles are much more dangerous due to their appearance being so like plankton and their composition containing all sorts of the plastic we are warned not to use because they are dangerous to our health. The fish didn't get that notice however and eat those PCBs , passing them long to us by way of larger fish.

While I was in my unaware state, and taking the acrylics classes that I did, we were given an assignment which called for
making some large shapes and following up on that For some reason (obstinacy? trying to be differen…


My neighbor was going out of town after a hard rain had knocked to the ground her peony that had bloomed. Since they are to be gone a week I asked her if I could have the blossom to paint and she agreed. I made several attempts, the last being maybe the best but looking more camellia than peony I think.

The one with the Easter egg was the first the second was the more coral one and the third the camellia. The actual peony is large and lush and gorgeous!

I am putting off shopping for a dress to wear to my niece's wedding. I just don't enjoy shopping lie I once did although I do need some new clothes. Part of it is that I have to go to Chattanooga, but truth be known it is no farther away than the mall I went to when I lived in Atlanta. Weird.

Drew's spring concert is next Sunday. Next year he will be in high school - my baby grandson who is 6'tall and weighs more that his grandfather and is a love. Time. I have read a little about it recently, but in my experience it…

A little bird did it.

Have you ever seen a bird's nest up close and personal? I have two of them - one that Vicki found in her driveway and one that robins built on my porch last year. (They built a new one there this year) I don't know what kind of bird built the one we found but it has treasures in it - green mesh, shiny ribbon, purple ribbon. The robin's nest is neater but just grass and twigs. The robin that nested outside our window a few years ago used a tuft of our dog's hair. It was Jackson's hair- blonde and unmistakeable.

I decided that for my fifth 20 minute painting I would try one of the marble eggs in one of the bird's nests. Of course being the size of a hen's egg, and a large one at that, it filled the whole nest which probably would have held three or four bird's eggs.

I think that I might either work more on this one or paint it again.
As for reading, I am taking a break from Margaret Atwood in favor of Mary Kay Andrews who is much lighter and funny.s. A…

One of these things...

is a real egg! I was running out of things to do with the marble ones. So.. One of these things is not like the other tell me can you say which one? Can you still sing the tunes from Sesame Street or is it those extra years I had with some of the foster kids?

I think that I will try some 20 minute landscapes this week. Since I have painted this whole street I am going to have to get in the car and go scout some places. Adventures in painting here I come!

All will be well,