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A new way to go

One of the changes that has come with Apple's new systems is that it is dropping the iWeb that I used to write and post this blog (ette). so I am going to blogger to see how that works. Hang in there with me. I might be an old dog, but I am determined to learn a new trick. So... . It is quite warm here as it probably is at your house also. (107F {41.6C})There is much to be done outside, but little inclination to do it between the heat and the mosquitos. Our A/C, who knows how many years old can't quite keep up with the heat. I meant to take lots of pictures in the two weeks I was at the beach and I thought I would also draw and paint. Instead I played withe the kids, slept, shopped, read, etc. It was great fun. Sara had a hugely swollen gland in her neck and I had to take her to the doctor. Strep throat. Jenny had just left for the youth gathering she did worship classes for. Some haircutting as done. Drew went with a growing out buzz and we buzzed it again. He has