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The End

I don't know how people who blog everyday for years do it. I have posted over two hundred times, (212) believe it or not and have gotten about 25 or so comments since my one blog buddy in France moved back to England and her her family. How do those bloggers find time to do so much? Just younger thanI or just more organized? I still find myself taking pictures and thinking of things I would like to say, but I think that I will just keep a journal or diary and not post- although I did have some deep thoughts today that were blog worthy but they had no pictures and most people only look at the pictures anyway. I have enjoyed these little chats and, as ever, I would love to hear from you. I am still painting and working on the house and taking care of the hound dog and Bella, and Dean is getting better but still is not supposed to lift more than five pounds so I am still doing the heavy lifting (what a hoot). I still believe with all my heart that all will be well. XOXOXO Caro