Shingles and a botched escape

The south gable of the house is all shingled! Now the painters will paint it the soft green of the lower gable and the carpenter types will start on the North gable. I am so excited. There are brackets to be added on this side - I think that they will be added after the painting. Right now the brackets grace our front porch. 

I worked at neatening the living room today. Here is the neatened end and Jackson wearing his thunder shirt.  
 Here is the end I tackle tomorrow. 
 Here is the dining room. A careful look will give you a glimpse of the kitchen with its doorless cabinets. Dean put some of the doors in front of the hole that Jackson made in the door to the basement to keep him from trying to get out. Unfortunately, he tried anyway and when I came home from Vicki's tonight I couldn't find him. I noticed that one of the cabinet doors was wedged in the hole and found that Jackson had tried to escape only to be caught by his thundershirt on the cabinet hardware. The poor thing was stuck on the stairs and had been there for who knows how long. I had a terrible time loosing him and then he went on down the stairs. He was happy to come in the house with me when I met him outside. Now both dogs are at my feet. 
Speaking of feet.  Here is what remains of my Autumn Glory sedum. Those construction guys have big feet and they aren't too careful where they put them!

Dean has arrived at Dauphin Island safely and plans to go out to deep water to fish tomorrow. He keeps telling me that it is food on the table. I say it is just for fun. 

All is well. 


Unknown said…
Food on the table. Really?

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