Up the stairs and down again.

This old house has ceilings that are about nine and one-half feet high. That means that there are 17 steps from one floor to the next. Today I decided that I had to take all the Christmas decorations up to the attic after making one last sweep through the house for forgotten little doodads. I carried up 11 loads. I had no idea that we had so many decorations. Actually, some of the boxes were quite light as they were fitted out for tree ornaments, most of which are feather-light. Still, by the time I finished, my knees were complaining. Oh, yes, the quilt on the wall is one I made years ago and the only one of mine to have been published in a quilting book. It is covering the place where we cut an opening for the whole house fan. 

Here is a closeup. Well, it is kinda close up. I was standing on the steps. I used the fabrics on hand and tried to link each to the other by color. It was fun to do.

See how nice the storage room looks? The rocking chair is one that my grandmother gave me; I have to paint it and have it reupholstered. Sarie thinks that the "curly" part should be aqua and the straight part black. Maybe I will do that. Why not?  Opinions?

My other major activity of the day was moving the furniture in rearranging the living room, and moving a  bookcase to the dining room because a new bookcase is being delivered tomorrow. The dining room will become the dining room/library. Pictures will be taken after the new one is in place. 

While I was plugging in the just-moved electronic piano, the outlet fell apart in my hand. Just a little scary. If we needed any more proof that rewiring is needed we certainly got it. The piano is still pulled out and that part of the outlet is empty until the whole thing is replaced. 

Did I tell you about the flocks of robins that came through, stripping berries and making lots of pleasant noise. They flew all around the neighborhood, swooping here and there. However, they also turned my car into what Jenny called the "poop-mobile". This picture was taken the day after it had been taken through the quick wash because it looked this then also. Oh well, the inside is clean and now the robins have moved on to decorate other cars. 

A new painting is in the works and I think that I like it, but one area needs quite a bit of work so I hate to show it yet. Soon. (I know you will be on pins and needles waiting to see it!)

Check out Chrissy's blog to see a most unusual cake. And Carol's will send you straight to the kitchen. 



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