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Some Things I Want to Know

There are some things I want to know and if you know them I want you to tell me. Who set the world onto fast forward and can we just slow down a little? I want to know. It seems that the days race by faster and faster and suddenly a week is gone and I am left wondering where it went. Also, I want to know why dogs always have to throw up on the carpet and not on the floor. Inches from the edge, maybe, or even on the fringe, but not on the floor. Always on the rug. I have not used any pictures to illustrate these questions and I will say right now, "You are welcome" because you know that I could have shown you just what I mean. Neither picture, either of me with my head spinning or the other, would be very pretty. Last week I went to Atlanta to visit a friend. There were so many cars and everyone was in such a hurry. I love Cleveland more than ever. I had a wonderful visit, but we stayed up way too late getting caught up - until 6:30 in the morning the first night, then unt


I am so thrilled to share with you that five of my paintings have been accepted by a small gallery in Chattanooga for their show of Contemporary and Abstract paintings. I feel that I can finally actually call myself an artist. Here are the paintings: And Then Acrylic on canvas Aftermath Acrylic on canvas (this one has been hanging in my living room.  I will have to put something else up) Home Acrylic on watercolor paper; crushed eggshell My Own Little Corner Acrylic on watercolor paper In Another World Acrylic on canvas I hope that people like them and I would love to sell one or more, but just having them shown is very exciting to me. Other people in the art class I am taking have entries, and we are all feeling good these days.  All is well XOXOXO Caroline

Glasses and eyes

Since I started wearing reading glasses I have discovered that there are never too many pairs. However, it helps to have them in many places, not all on the top of the dresser. There is usually one pair on top of my head, though, so I can find it when I need it.  Vicki got new glasses and has given me several pair that she had. The red ones and a zebra striped pair that I left at my daughter's house in SC but will retrieve. They had gotten kicked under the bed somehow.  RyeCrisp topped by peanut butter and strawberries. Nice lunch.  I told you that I took a photo of my eye because I planned to draw it. It is strange, but when you look at things when you have posted them you can see all your mistakes. For one thing, my eyebrows are much thicker than that (and need plucking, I think). This was drawn during the day at the library in good light on grey toned paper. The colors are just a tiny bit off here, but not enough to make much difference.  For the right eye t

The eye has it.

Good grief!  If time keeps going this fast I will be 100 in about ten minutes! The good news. The front steps are being fixed even as we speak (okay, I am writing and I hope that you are reading, but you know what I mean.) Lane, our mason, is working on the second side wall and Dean has gone to Lowe's to pick up pavers to face the steps and walk. After conferences with Lane and another mason Dean decided to do this instead of tearing out the steps and starting over. Can you say, "Whew" and "Thank Goodness"? We are adding light to the walls to make the steps safer. Actually, Dean decided on that and Lane is doing it.  I just watch.  I told Dean to check out this porch furniture while he is at Lowe's. It is smaller than what we had and should be a good fit for our porch. We have two rocking chairs for the other end and we keep thinking that we will hang a swing but I might want it on an A-frame in the back yard.  Why, you might wonder, is she

Beauties and absurdities

Time is flying by and suddenly it has been longer than I meant for it to be since I posted. So what has been happening? Well, I finished the painting that I had changed so many times. I am pleased with the way it turned out. There are so many coats of paint and so many changes behind the surface that I lost count, but I won't be messing with it any more. The images are photos I took (except for the eggs) and transferred to non-woven polyester fabric then cut out and glued. If you look closely you can see that I lengthened the twigs and grass on the nest and worked a little on the feathers also. The eggs were only painted over and shadowed. A few days after this was finished I found a bird egg like this mockingbird egg on the ground in the back yard. I guess that it had been pushed out or blown out with all the hard wind we had just before that. It was tiny - smaller that the end of my little finger. I have kept it (it was cracked) to put my nest.  The Iris, the state flowe