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Home again

Actually we have been home for a week. The end of the vacation was spent in ambulances (Dean) and hospitals (both of us) in packing up the condo(Alex,Sarie and I) and flying home (Alex and Sarie). Jenny and Drew had to leave the first Friday and Sara and Greg had to leave Tuesday. Dean and I took three days to get home and all is well. He suffered a strange bleed and a huge hematoma but is now off Plavix and should not have any problems. They still want us to watch out for headaches in case a clot breaks loose. AND, our a/c is not functioning. I finally did another little painting of shell fragments. 5"x7", oil on board. I hope that you like it. I am still thinking about changing to a different blog platform and setting up a website from which I can sell paintings. It is a lot to do and so a big decision. Right now I am moving into the studio above the new garage and that is taking lots of time and not just a little muscle - in fact I will have to get some help from someo