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Sometimes you just gotta

Painting is a lot like other things. It changes as you change. I keep trying other things but keep coming back to non-objective paintings. I have to wonder if that is because realism is beyond my reach, but I really don't want realism so I don't think that is it. I think that what I want is a modern, contemporary impressionism.and so far that has eluded me. That doesn't mean that I don't search for it, chase it, study it, etc. it just means that I don't have it yet. so much to learn, and who knows how much time in which to learn it! Meanwhile, today I just started applying leftover paint to a 12"x9" panel. Trying to work smaller and playing around just to see what happens. Her is how it works. One can begin with an idea in mind and work toward that idea or one can just begin. I have begun. What is on the panel now might become the base of a new painting, it might be scraped away, it might be covered it might be scribbled on. The first moves are play a

One Was Accepted.

Well, I submitted five paintings and one was accepted. I certainly hope that it sells. Another show, put-on by the Civic Arts League , of which I will almost certainly become the treasurer, is also going up and I have two paintings in it. It is a smaller show and might not have as many viewers, but every viewer is a possibility! There are other shows coming up. It has been a difficult week. Dean had trouble with his meds and I had to call the EMTs. He is fine now, but the weather is taking its toll on everyone as I am sure you know. I went out to cut the grass and came in almost sick because I had fiddled around with the battery for the mower much longer than I thought and it was about 11:00 when I got started. Thank goodness we have very little grass and I just gave up on the backyard. It was only about 90 but so was the humidity. I love the south, I really do, but some days are just not meant for 76-year-olds to be out working in the yard and it is best to remember that! I am w
I can hardly believe that it has been two years since I have posted on this blog site. In the meanwhile I have tried and given up on a website. I am just not willing to maintain a website even if it would mean selling more paintings. Am I lazy? Perhaps, but time is short an I have much to do and I get, at this age, to pick and choose. So I am choosing to restart this blog and write weekly or twice each week. If you are kind enough to read it, thank you. If you are kind enough to comment I will love you and if you have criticisms I promise to take them under consideration. So today I am waiting to hear from the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton GA, just south of Chattanooga, if they have accepted any of my paintings for their upcoming show. Last year I submitted several and two of them sold. That was such a thrill for me. Okay, My sister-in-law bought one of them but the other was bought by a stranger. Woohoo! I have submitted five this year and should hear today if any have been accepte