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A Week's Worth of Jabber

I know that I haven't been posting as often as I once did, but I have an excuse  a reason. I am taking two art classes, each about three hours long as well as the two and a half hour class at church. Each class has homework. Actually, they each have several hours of homework. Also, Vicki, my sister, broke her foot last Monday and I have helped her just a tiny bit getting from here to there. I really need to offer her more help, as a matter of fact. It is hard to do housework on crutches and she also has a job. All this would be nothing if I weren't so slow and there's the problem. I am getting slower and slower. However, life goes on.  This is the little boy. He has a sailboat in his hand and it looks like he plans to sail it in the little dirt patch under this tree. We bought the three older children, the ones holding hands and going in a circle, then just couldn't leave him there. We bought them in NM and had them crated and shipped to NC. This one is not excep

It's Here!

Spring is actually, officially here today. It was even sunny and not too chilly! Here are the sign I saw around the yard.    I never can remember what these are but I like them.  I know these. That is my neighbor's driveway, but I consider that we share these.  This is their quince, took but I get to see it and I love that color.  My blue hydrangea was nearly trampled to death but is making a valiant effort to survive.  When I was a little girl I thought that violets were the prettiest flowers of all. I still think that they are sweet. These are blooming at the end of a walkway in a pile of rocks, doing their best to bring loveliness to the world of concrete and rock. In other news, DH made some Kale chips and they are crispy and good. Tear up a bunch of kale, toss with oil and salt, put in a low oven for a long time. Even I could do it.  This fabric will possibly be used for slip covers on the dining room chairs. Still  in the thinking stage on

It is on its way!

This has been such a horrible winter; you have read my moanings and groanings from time to time even though I tried to insert a few happier topics than the weather. Some of you had weather so much worse than we did, but (pardon me for saying this) your regular weather would be hard for us because it would be so different. That all being said, Spring is on the way! I know that there will be cold days ahead, but they shouldn't be quite so cold and there shouldn't be so many of them. Warm, sunny ones will slowly outnumber them. It makes me want to jump for joy!  These images are rather random but I had no theme for today other than that the sun is shining and it is almost warm.  This lily is on its way out but I had to try to capture the lovely and interesting colors. The darkest part was almost maroon , there was the bright burnt orange and that green that is transparent and almost electric. Along the way of Dean's bringing flowers home I have discovered that if