I went to Columbia, SC for a workshop at the end of last week and had a wonderful time - once we got there. We left on Thursday about noon so I could be there at 6:30 for the wine and cheese and beginning. Having made the trip several times we decided to go through Atlanta as we usually do. Unfortunately, Friday's rush hour began about 10:00 AM Thursday morning and it took us two hours to get through Atlanta. Then we ran into more parking lot pace in SC, so instead of being early I skidded in about an hour late.

Once begun, though, the workshop was fun and I learned new things and spent time with nice people. Additionally, there is a lovely art supply store and a good restaurant right across the street from our class space. Can't be beat!

I will be working in still life for the most part but I did some landscapes from Mary's photos during the weekend. I have one more to do and it is the most difficult of the bunch as far as I am concerned. Here are the finished ones.

These were all photographed on Edisto Island looking across the marsh. One was taken at high tide, two at low tide. The fourth one is also a high tide one. The low tide ones were taken looking one way and then the other late in the afternoon and the high tide ones the same thing but in the morning. I will show you the fourth one when I paint it.

Meanwhile, there is much to do here getting ready for the kids to come, the wedding (my niece) and going to the beach for a vacation. I will take my paints, but I won't guarantee any outstanding work!!

All will be well,



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