Old three hundred

This is my three hundredth post! I can scarcely believe it. But instead of something new and exciting I have another old painting that I have scrubbed down and reworked. This was painted first in acrylic and I had to work hard to get enough of it off to paint over it. It still might not make sense to you because you don't know what it is. That is the inside of a large (soup bowl size) cup with three plums in front go it. The plums really were dark purple (and quite tasty) and the cup is a deep, vibrant yellow inside. I worked hard on this but I still have much to learn to get the shapes right and the colors placed so that the proper depth is there. I should probably not show it but you already know that I am a student and I am sure that you won't judge too harshly.

On another front today I had a lovely FaceTime call from dear friends in Atlanta. They had gotten together and we couldn't get there. These are the ones who have been together during the time that our children were at home - our children grew up together and we have gone through good times and bad always caring about each other and our families. There were a few more of us but we have spread out now around the country. Old friends - A beautiful treasure, a gift of God.

All is well and all will be well,


Tamrjo said…
Love those long time friend calls.

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