My neighbor was going out of town after a hard rain had knocked to the ground her peony that had bloomed. Since they are to be gone a week I asked her if I could have the blossom to paint and she agreed. I made several attempts, the last being maybe the best but looking more camellia than peony I think.

The one with the Easter egg was the first the second was the more coral one and the third the camellia. The actual peony is large and lush and gorgeous!

I am putting off shopping for a dress to wear to my niece's wedding. I just don't enjoy shopping lie I once did although I do need some new clothes. Part of it is that I have to go to Chattanooga, but truth be known it is no farther away than the mall I went to when I lived in Atlanta. Weird.

Drew's spring concert is next Sunday. Next year he will be in high school - my baby grandson who is 6'tall and weighs more that his grandfather and is a love. Time. I have read a little about it recently, but in my experience it is flying by more and more quickly. I love my grown-up kids and my teen age grandson and my 10 year old granddaughter and wouldn't want them any other way, but...The years have gone so fast and I don't think I paid enough attention; I don't have enough memories, I ... Well of course I really do- we have what we have and we are what we are and it is all good if fleeting. Hug the ones you love and be sure to tell them that you love them every chance you get. Or even better tell and show!

All is well and all will be well


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