Salad days

I don't know what it was with Blogger yesterday but I was told that the photo didn't publish, then, after I went to it and published again it seems that the photo had appeared. I have no idea what you got but I did my best from this end. I am thinking about a new platform with a website for a gallery and a blog but I might need some help establishing that and right now there does not seem to be time.

So here is the latest effort. Lettuce was difficult to paint for me and Dean is not sure about the red leaf but...

Okay no photo just a bunch of HTML and machine language. We will see if that becomes a photo. Meanwhile I have read Hag-
seed by Margaret Atwood. A retelling of the Tempest and rather unusual. Atwood has won prizes for her fiction and her The Handmaid's Tale is being made into a movie (I think for TV).If you haven't read any of her books give them a try.

All will be well(maybe even with this post!)


Unknown said…
C. I think you did a great job on the lettuce. I am enjoying your blog in this new format and it even lets me comment.


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