Some Apples

Some apples that Alex brought from a tree at his mother's house in NC and a guava(?) from the grocery store.  Once I sketched these in I had to go sit down - it had been so new to me and took so much concentration that I was shaky!

I have a long way to go but I am going. For this 4"x4" I mixed the colors from a basic palette of two yellows, one warm and one cooler, two reds (same),  two blues(again warmer and cooler) and white. I have previously used more colors and have a drawer full but learning to mix what I need is part of the challenge.

I see all the errors on this, I think, but if you want to critique, have at it. I won't get mad and will most likely learn something!

All is well and all will most certainly be well!


Unknown said…
I Think This Is. Beautiful just how it is. You are inspiring yourself!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Is it for sale?
Unknown said…
Is it for sale?
Amy, I'm sure she will sell it! Caroline, the apples are lovely and I meant to tell you the other day how good the pic at the top of your site looks when I saw it framed in your house.
Anonymous said…
You have great control in your paintings. I believe you've changed the painting at the top of this page? That one really draws me in. What is its story?

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