Post 291

I have been reading about painting for the last few days after a FB group I am a part of posted their favorite books on painting. I am learning a lot about color and edges and composition and lots of technical stuff. Now I just need to try to add it to what I have already learned and unfortunately that is not as easy as it might sound.

Here is the last painting. This is a tree on the causeway from Brunswick. GA to Jekyll Island.I would love to go back down there. The Jekyll Island Club has such an air of history about it and I think that there would be many interesting places to paint. I might mention that to someone as a trip we should take - one of many.

I can also recommend Margaret Atwood's Bodily Harm. I have a habit of finding an author I like and reading all that she/he has written and then having to search for another author. Thank goodness Atwood has been prolific!

Meanwhile Happy Easter to you.

All will be well,


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