Marble eggs

Painting five versions of the same thing, each painting no more than 20 minutes in the making might sound boring to you but it is actually an interesting challenge. For one thing, how many ways can you set up marble eggs? I am already about to run out of ways. Having only 20 minutes means that you have to go for the essence of the thing also and leave out some of the refinements you might normally include. It becomes quite a challenge. Here is today's effort. One good thing is that you can make lots of paintings this way and the more painting you do the better you get. Or so they say.

I have begun walking again. It has been hard to get back into it after I was ill for several weeks but I feel better when I walk although right now I am still building back up. It took three different outings today to get less that three miles. I like to walk at night but I am going to try to go out early in the morning. Early for me that is - about 8:30 or 9:00. We will see how that works. Not too sure that it will!

All will be well,


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