Downtown 8PM

I was walking a few days ago and just on a whim took a photo of the Bank of Cleveland. It turned out to be mostly street and sidewalk but it has a small city feel to it I think. I reserve the option to change the color of both street and sidewalk if I can find a better mix. In the photo the sidewalk was almost silver white. Dean says that it looks like it is piled with snow.

After that warm day yesterday a front came through; it is not cool but COLD today and tonight and for a few more days possibly. That was a very short summer. It was just long enough for me to put the heavy jackets away. I doubt that I am the only one. Fortunately I am not so thorough that all warm things were stored!

Dean talked to our builder today and I hope that things are going to start moving again on the garage. I have had enough of the mess and we have other things to do. We need to do some work on a house in Atlanta that we have an interest in and get it on the market. The Historic Neighborhood Association is having our October Porch Party here. At this house. Much to do.  A whole bunch!

My doctor retired (actually he went to work for the VA) and I saw my new doctor today. We were discussing who did my last colonoscopy and he asked my if the doctor was about his height. I just looked at him and said that I really didn't see much of him. We laughed. It is nice to have a doctor with a sense of humor, don't you think? 

I am reading Linda Fairstein about a DA and the policemen she works with in NYC. What makes it interesting is the history about the museums, the opera, and other places. If I ever go to New York again and I want to , to go to the art museums, I will actually know some history. 

All will be well, 


Unknown said…
I really like the wavy light through the windows and how one can see in the building but not enough to see what is happening. Very nice. Two questions: 1. when the street turns right, is it supposed to look as if one plows in the snow? 2. I know the lines in the street do not extend very far away from the viewer, but the upper line seems a tad longer which is uncomfortable for the perspective. Good job on the painting; you're doing great!

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