Mary (my teacher) has thrown out a 5-day 20 minute painting challenge.Today I did one with marble easter eggs. My 20 minutes included laying out my paints so after I finished and photographed it I went back for a few minutes and did some more on it.

When I began this phase of painting I had no idea how much of a challenge it could be and how much I would be putting in to it. Only about 600more paintings and I should be much better!

I read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. As I have said before she is a good writer; she is also imaginative and a little scary. This book is about what happened when the science of cloning and gene splicing became too big. Very short chapters but that does not mean that it is easy to put down. I read right through it. Now I am on another Linda Fairstein- this one set in a hospital. Ms. Fairstein's books build a story about the characters but it is not one that has to be followed from the first book. That said, it is always easier if you begin at the beginning, isn't it?

All will be well (tomorrow we get sheetrock!)


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