20 Minutes

On the FB painting group of which I am a member we were challenged to produce a 20 minute painting. No fussing around just sketch mix paint and put it on the support. I did a 6x6 oil on a prepared board of an iris from our yard. Twenty minutes and done - no going back and fixing things. The purpose of the exercise was to loosen up and not get all finicky.
As you can see I wasn't't finicky about the photo either!

Speaking of irises I saw two beautiful yellow ones at the nursery today along with what looked like it might be darker yellow iris and a lemon yellow peony. Now I have always gone for light pink peonies but this one is stunning and might have to become a part of the garden I am planting. A garden that might be yellow and green with a little purple. Hmmmm. I need to get going on it.

All will be well


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