Early morning

This morning when the sunlight started streaming through my bedroom window it caught a scarf draped over my dresser. I had to try to paint it.

I think of this as "old master meets impressionism meets modernism.". The old masters only had the earth colors to work with for the most part. Colors such as blue were incredibly expensive and usually saved for the robes of the Virgin Mary (did you ever wonder why she was so often dressed in blue? That is why.) They used light and shadow to make the most of the reds browns, yellows and greens that they had and the paintings are wonders to behold. 

The impressionists, on the other hand, had access to manufactured colors and to tubes so that paints could be taken into the field and their paintings reflect that. They still use light and shadow but also brilliant color. Amazing paintings. 

Now we have access to even more colors, and electric lights as well as sunlight. Wow! I want to try to use all these things - light and shadow, color and  painting all prima (all at once, not waiting for the first layer to dry before adding glazes for color). I may not get great, but I will get better and I will enjoy it immensely!

All will be well, 


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