End of February

 I posted in November  now February is almost over. It is hard to believe and yet so much has happened. I have been rocked by deaths of both famous and not famous at all but very dear to my heart and memories. I have been in online classes and an in-person workshop which I enjoyed immensely but which took time and concentration. A rat (yes, a RAT) set up in our house and took lots of planning to catch and days of cleaning and hours of being upset. (He is gone, never to return. Turns out there are rats around many houses here in town). There have been birthdays and family gatherings and regular life. Regular life. Is there anything regular about life that we should take it so for granted?

And every day at all hours the politics of the time. I know that Presidents are often disliked by the opposition party but with Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump, the dislike has taken on more and more anger. Now anyone with a computer or a smart phone can tell the world (or FaceBook) how angry they are and many seem to be beside themselves with anger. Telling truth from propaganda is becoming more and more difficult as each side says that they are right and the other side lies. There is now" alternate truth" and there are" factual errors. " My English grammar teacher must be rolling in his grave, tweeting "SMH."

So this blog will be about Art and more specifically my art if you will.

I painted lots of landscapes for the classes I took since that is what the classes were about. Now I have to decide what I want to paint. Living in the city, I don't have a long view landscape handy most of the time. I have painted the sidewalks and yards of tWorth Street but I don't know that I want to keep on painting them. Different times of day, different seasons and it is still the same. Repeating is not easy for me - never has been.

So, landscape, still life, people, Jaguar convertibles, buildings? What is it to be? For starters, here is a little view of a block in our town. I will be posting the class paintings as I go.

Yes, there are windows and doors, but at this angle they are nothing but lines. 

If you have any advise, I would be glad to read and consider it. 

All is well and all will be well, 


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