This painting is of the sidewalk across the street from my house. We are working on light/illumination so the most important part is the light and shadow. I have included the original photo so you can see what I was working from. I am not displeased although I can see where it can be improved.  I guess that there is always room for improvement at this stage of the game.

I enjoy working in oils even more than I thought I would. I don't use any solvents so it is a safer studio to have in the house. I also use a painting knife instead of a brush and it cleans up with just a wipe. I might use brushes at some point but they can be cleaned with walnut oil followed by soap - still no solvent. I don't think I could do it if I had to use turpentine despite the nursery rhyme about Queen Caroline who washed her hair in turpentine to make it shine. 

All is well,


Joanna said…
Looking good. I enjoy your journey with oil paints!

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