Hello again

Boy, is it ever easy to get behind on a blog!  Life has been busy, as usual these days, although sometimes busy means a lot of time on the internet reading claims and counterclaims and trash about the election. I will be so glad when all this is over.  I am not sold on either candidate but having either will surely be better than all this acrimony. Rant over. 

Here is my latest painting. It is the yard and garage across the street, something I have painted previously but it is still there to paint again. I hope that each time I am able to apply a little more of what I have learned and do a little better. 


We are having beautiful cool but sunny days here but are desperate for rain, being as we are on the dividing line between red and maroon on the drought map. I can't remember the labels they use but it is between really really dry and amazingly dry. We had about two minutes of gentle shower yesterday. The sidewalk under the trees did not even get wet. 

I will try to do more paintings this week although one of the things I want to do is make a chart of greens and that most likely will not be of great interest to many of you!. 

All is well, 


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