I made a painting of Tybee Island that I showed you (I think I showed you. I post them on the class FB page and sometimesdon't get to the blog !) I have a few others that I took on the same trip. I just wish I had more from Charleston and Hilton Head and Jekyll Island and Brunswick and Ocean Isle and all the other coastal places where we had such lovely times with friends. I am much afraid that the next time we see them things will be very different.

Here is my latest painting, done from one of my teacher Mary Wilkerson's photos. I am pleased with this painting although I can still see lots of room for improvement.

I will be glad to see the last of Hurricane Matthew. My heart has been heavy all day thinking of the damage and loss of life that have happened and what lies ahead.  When I say "all will be well", I sincerely mean it but I certainly don't mean that all will be happy or easy or light. I think you probably know that without my spelling it out. 

All will be well, 


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