The old and the new

Well, I bought the oil paints and started with them. So far I really do like them. I have only used them with the knife which is very easy to clean - just wipe it off.  Some people use solvents to clean their brushes but I will be just wiping them off and cleaning with walnut oil and then Ivory soap. Solvents just aren't all that good for you to use - especially in your house and that is where my studio is. 

Here are two paintings of the beach at Tybee Island, where the Savannah River joins the Atlantic Ocean. It might be that it felt more different to paint them than appears in the way they look. I can't say about that, but I will be using the oils for a while at least and possibly I might just become an oil painter. I do have some acrylic pieces that need to be finished and I will work on and finish them, of course. Some are in an exhibit right now and I might try to exhibit others but I don't expect to begin others in the near future.



I didn't have exactly the same colors and there is one oil color I still need, but it is close. One thing that becomes important in the change-over is that acrylics dry darker so you have to adjust to that difference. This painting still shows very amateur knife work but I am not displeased - I am learning.

All is well,


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