Tonight when Dean walked in to my studio, he looked on the easel and asked, "What is that!" I told him that it was a tea house in a garden. He said that he thought not because Japanese gardens are simple and neat. Humph!

Actually, I was looking at the yard across the street I have painted it before, from a photo I took. This
time there was no photo and I was working with different pigments than I usually use. I can't say that I love it, but It does have a sort of fairy garden appeal to me.

I also painted the plums in a cup again. You realize, I am sure, that there is no dark yellow. There is yellow and light yellow and reddish yellow and bright yellow and soft yellow and greenish yellow, but there is no dark yellow, yet the yellow on the inside of that cup was shadowed. I I added violet, as shadows sometimes are, the color turned brown (or as one friend said, "baby-poop brown "). If I  added blue, another shadow color, it turned green. I am going to try a little grey but I can't decide how to mix the grey (grey is red +blue+yellow and maybe white). This kind of thing interests and sometimes frustrates me. 

All is well, (and a little cooler), 


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