It's Complicated

Have you made any changes to the way you look at things or think about things or do things? I decided to make this painting change and I am finding out that it is complicated. It isn't as easy as just picking up the same old stuff and making a slightly different mark, although that is part of it. Preparations are different and mind-set is different and the same materials are used in different ways and... it's complicated. It is also, however, invigorating and challenging and interesting and all those good things.

That said, here is the latest. This was painted with a painting knife--something you might also call a palette knife. It wasn't as easy as painting an abstract with one, especially since the abstract was 30"x30" and this is 6"x6" so there was not a lot of room to maneuver. This is a view of my neighbor's side yard as seen from my front porch. You will most likely see it again. : )

That is not a bite out of the side. I don't know what that is -it might be glare. 

I have signed up for an online course later this month and I hope that it will speed up my learning as I won't have to keep finding things out for myself!

All is well and all is well and all will most certainly be well, 


Unknown said…
Beautiful! I love this one too!

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