If you have been wondering

If you have been wondering where I have gone, I am still here, but someone must have speeded things up because the days are passing so fast! It was summer day before yesterday and suddenly it is autumn. I want to sit and savor but there is so much to do and... Well, that is most likely not news to any of you.
Here are my latest homework assignments. This photo is one I took earlier in the year when we were at Tybee Island,  where the Savannah River empties into the Atlantic. It is a simple scene, but try it on 5"x7" with a palette knife and acrylics and suddenly it was not quite so simple. I have decided to try working in oils - not so slippery. I may find out that it is not the slippery acrylic or the knife, but I won't know unless I try, will I?

When I get the oils and try this again (I will try this very one again for comparison) I will post it, however good or bad it is. I can't decide whether to go to Chattanooga and buy paint (quicker but will they have all the colors I want?) or order online (all the colors but there is that wait for delivery). Oh, the problems of the modern world!

All is well and all will most certainly be well, 


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