I spent quite a bit of time today looking at photos that I might be able to use to paint. I cropped, and looked at the darks and lights as well as the colors. I finally decided on a beach scene taken at St Simon's Island in GA. Having decided, I had to gather myself for the attempt. I checked the colors carefully and mixed three greys, as well as two yellows and a coral. The grey are mixes of red, yellow and blue with a little white and then a little more. Earlier in the day I had mixed an underfloor which looked so caramel-ish that it made my mouth water. Playing with paints is not only instructive, it is fun!

The grass stems are too thick.  I couldn't find a tiny brush to make them but you get the idea. New brush on the horizon!

All will be well, 


  1. The grass isn't too think if you imagine that you are a bug sitting nearby!!! It really has a nice feel to it!

  2. I don't think the grass is too thick at all! And I would love to own this one...


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