I spent quite a bit of time today looking at photos that I might be able to use to paint. I cropped, and looked at the darks and lights as well as the colors. I finally decided on a beach scene taken at St Simon's Island in GA. Having decided, I had to gather myself for the attempt. I checked the colors carefully and mixed three greys, as well as two yellows and a coral. The grey are mixes of red, yellow and blue with a little white and then a little more. Earlier in the day I had mixed an underfloor which looked so caramel-ish that it made my mouth water. Playing with paints is not only instructive, it is fun!

The grass stems are too thick.  I couldn't find a tiny brush to make them but you get the idea. New brush on the horizon!

All will be well, 


The grass isn't too think if you imagine that you are a bug sitting nearby!!! It really has a nice feel to it!
Unknown said…
I don't think the grass is too thick at all! And I would love to own this one...

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