Among my treasures is this wasp's nest that we found on an outdoor light at our house in the mountain. I cut it carefully off and have kept it for years.  It is very fragile so I keep it in an open glass jar. For this sitting it was accompanied by a feather I picked up at the beach - most likely brown pelican- and a pot/basket that Sara gave me for Christmas several years ago. I think that they make a nice trio. 

On another note, we had rain yesterday for the first time in a long time. We needed it and I am sure that Louisiana was glad for it to come here instead of there!

All is well and all will be well,


Janice Kennedy said…
I enjoy reading your blog. You're going great guns on the art. What an inspiration!
Caroline said…
Thank you, Janice B. I am enjoying it and I hope that I will improve!
Barbara said…
This is lovely. I really like the colors and the composition as well as the story of the treasure. I too love saving old nests.

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