Anonymous asked about the difference between whatI did before and what I do now and I have been pondering the answer. There are some technical differences, but most of the difference is mental, I think.

Alla Prima painting is an old technique that is defined as" at one time"  or painting "wet into wet." It is usually done with oils for the simple reason that acrylics dry very quickly. However, new OPEN acrylics have a longer drying time so some Alla Prima painting is being done in that medium.

My before painting were usually begun with pouring diluted paint on a canvas or paper , playing around with it in various ways then waiting for it to dry before "finding" an image to develop. Once painting began I could go back into any area to darken, lighten, or in amy other way further define it, deciding as I went what it was to be. People who do this well, make lovey and interesting paintings this way. I did not, for the most part.

The technique I am learning, begins with a subset -  still life, landscape, a person, an object - whatever I choose. Then from with a still-life setup, a photograph, or from life, I study the colors, values, shadows, etc., and plan my "attack." I sketch out the painting to be on a panel that has been underpainted with a medium color and begin painting, trying to be sure that each stroke is the right value, and in the right place.

Beautiful, fascinating, intense, moving paintings can be and have been made either way. Cezanne, Manet, and John Singer Sargeant used this technique. 

I am going to try a small landscape today and then go the the grocery store for some apples!

All will b well, 


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