Class Work

The work we are doing in class began with a huge still life - it was spread over two 5 or 6 foot tables. We each brought in three things to add to it and there were also things in the classroom. The first day we photographed and sketched from it getting as many views as we could. 

Here is one of the views I photographed. As you can see I have graphed the plastic serve it is in to 
help enlarge and transfer the photo. 

Here is the beginning of my piece. I have transferred the drawing and gone over the lines with yellow paint. This is a yellow line painting - the yellow lines will stay. It gives an interesting look. My teacher, Sandy, chose something with lots of patterns all over it, but I am too much the minimalist to do that. I know that hers will be great and that mine will either be good or that I will have learned a lot. Either is a good outcome, don't you think?

All is well and all will be well, 


Good start. I find it very difficult to use a graph even though it seems as if it should not be so hard. Therefore, I congratulate you on what you have done so far!

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