A Little Fish or two

I got busy working on my homework and nearly forgot to post this little fish - actually two fishies The one in the front is metal, patinated just a little by virtue of being several years old. I think that maybe if I had done him on a 6"x6" I might have been able to do a better job. but there is no guarantee. In the background is a glug pitcher. The tail of the fish is hollow so that when you fill it or pour from it there is a glugging gurgling  sound. I have a larger red one also from which I fill the dog's bowl with "fish water." He doesn't care but I like it.

I don't remember where the starfish came from. We find so many live ones at the beach and always throw them back but I think I bought these long ago.

For class I have selected a photograph, copied it in color and black and white, and put it in a sheet protector which I then gridded in two inch blocks. Next I cut down a piece of Mixed Media board to 16"x20" and gridded it in 4" blocks, then copied the photo to the paper. I will paint the lines yellow and the homework will be done. I have a few more lines to add before the yellow paint.

It is late (or early) and I am tired so I think sleep might be in order very soon.

All is well and all will be well


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