A Drawing and a bit of history

In my house I discovered that we had an old flatiron. I don't know where it came from or if it is original or a reproduction (and I really don't care). I also have a very small box iron that was given to me. All I can say about either of them is thank goodness for my steam iron and thank goodness for knits that I don't iron Of course I don't always iron linen either - something I picked up from my daughter whose Mother-in-Law was/is quite scandalized by such sloth. I figure that by the time I get anywhere linen is a wrinkled mess anyway. I do actually iron a dress I want to wear somewhere nice from time to time. I haven't gone completely hippie in my old age!

At the bottom of this page I explained that "sad " irons are also called "solid"

All is well and all shall be well, 


Janice Kennedy said…
I have a collection of old irons. I've been intrigued with the variety of designs for a utilitarian object. I'll be happy to share photos if you ever want to do a series of them. Your sketches and descriptions are very well done.

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