Well, I took five paintings to be hung for the show at North River Civic Center. Each member of the group took five and the committee hung a very good show. On Sunday we had an opening reception ( I was out of town). My sister, Vicki, sold one of her paintings! I was happy for her. I was also green with envy. It also set off all kinds of questions in my head about "why?" Not that her painting wasn't good. It is. But you can't help but wonder; was it the subject? the colors? the technique? the artistic vision? What makes one painting sell and another languish? I guess that the questions are not answerable, but I can't help but wonder. It also makes me question whether I should continue painting but there is an answer there. I don't think that I can stop. I would stop showing, but that would not help much either. AND, the show will hang until the end of May; perhaps there are more buyers out there!

Tomorrow I am going to attempt a little water color sketch of the walkway to the beach. Water color is not something I have done often but it should be interesting to give it a try. I promise to post the painting and a picture of the real thing. Sorry that there are no pictures tonight.

All will be well


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