Last week I painted four(4) canvases and I like them. I won't say that they are finished because as long as they are in my possession they are open to more work.
You might have seen this one on FB although I have added the little circle near the bottom left. I painted the background that wonderful orangey yellow thinking that I would paint marigolds, using the yellow and painting in the other colors and leaves. In fact, I chalked in the flowers to see how they would fit but then decided that I really wanted to do an abstract so I made the line on the left and smeared it out. After that I made that shape to the right, added the shape at the bottom and then added lines wherever they seemed to belong. The drips were made by spraying the paint when it was wet. It didn't seem quite finished so , the next day after thinking about what was lacking, I added the circle (it is a kind of greenish and metallic color) and I am finished. It has not been named as of yet. 

This was the third piece and it was inspired by the silhouettes I see on our bedroom windows every night. They have always fascinated me. There is not much to it - a still tree on a stormy night. You can see peacefulness through the opening in the clouds. 

This piece was also inspired by silhouettes. This is the shape of the stuff on my desk, although it has been changed to suit my needs. 

If nothing else, these paintings show how the most simple things can become the basis for art. Once all art was dictated by myths, legends or Bible stories. Now some artists chose to portray the simple everyday things, some choose scenic landscapes, there are many pictures of copper pots or old tools or cars  or any part of life. Some artists choose to express their feelings in color and brushstroke and  some abstract items down to their basic shapes, putting them together in new and sometimes strange ways. Others and I am in this camp, use shapes and colors to find a composition that feels and looks good to them. 

Here is the start of another piece. Do you recognize the tree limb?

I thought that some red might be good. 

A little more red.

No more tree trunk. A little more red and another circle. 

A few more minor changes. Can you find them?

A completely different (and upside down) work in progress. There are almost certainly many changes in store for this

Thanks for reading, All will be well, 


Vicki Styons said…
Why the last work upside down?
Mary Ann said…
hello caroline! these paintings are lovely and interesting! i hope you post more soon. xo
Unknown said…
Love all but love love the last!
Unknown said…
Love all but love love the last!
Caroline said…
Mary Ann, after a long dry spell I am posting again. The painting I made of your Epi is hanging in a show right now, by the way. I will send you a photo of it when I can. I don't think that I have photographed it yet.

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