summer days

Summer days seem to fly by so fast. Oh, who am I kidding - at this age all days seem to fly by. Yesterday, though, was a day fuller and longer than usual. What made yesterday long?  When I was putting away freshly laundered sheets I looked in the linen closet and was horrified to see mold on the walls.

DH's shoulder injury from months ago still prevents him from doing many things so I knew that the demolition, at least, was my job. I emptied the closet, putting things on our bed. (Why I didn't immediately clean off other surfaces and put them there is a mystery. )I got my trusty little hammer and started in. The first shelf came out fairly easily but for the next I had to cut the caulking and use a big brass hammer - it took both hands. I am sure that my hands, which have never regained all their strength from after the wrist breaks a few years ago, are stronger now!. The third shelf had been cut a little short ("measure twice, cut once" was not applied ) and the caulk was a huge rope. By this level I was on a ladder and thinking mean thoughts. The topmost level was a piece of cake, thank goodness. 


In my bedroom

and more

and a little more

The shelves have to be stripped and cleaned with bleach. There is always fun to be had around here. After the shelves were out I ripped out the thin masonite on the wall and discovered this. 

The culprit. When A/C was added it was not insulated. The grey and white is the A/c to the upstairs (where it almost cools one room) and the tan is the back of the living room wall. Thank goodness there is no mold there!

This is what I had planned to do. Ha!But there will be another day and actually, I sneaked a few minutes in the rocker with my glass of iced coffee this morning. 

All will be well


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