Something New

We just learned how to make fire a new way. You might not have all the equipment, but if you do, here is the method. You will need:
Left over fried potatoes
Corelle salad plate
microwave with which you are not familiar.

Put potatoes on plate and put them in the microwave. Set microwave for 1 minute. Start something else so that you don't realize that more than one minute has passed and the microwave is still running. When you mother and sister call your attention to the smoke filling the kitchen open the microwave door. Quickly step back to remove yourself from the flames pouting out the door. Blow on the fire then close the door. Watch until the flames subside.

By this time we were all three in the kitchen and laughing. While we were laughing the air conditioner came on and cooled the plate which then exploded, sending all of us in the air a few inches with surprise. Jenny didn't know if she set it for 10 minutes or 11.

We haven't been able to clean the mess so will be talking to the manager about a new microwave tomorrow.

All will be well, 


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