A Little News

I have a little news. Nine pounds of news that is nine weeks old. Be careful when you go to Home Depot because we went Saturday and came home with nine pounds of mutt. Parentage unknown. Looks like possibly some hound and we have had several wild guesses. We will be getting a DNA kit to determine just what we have. Everyone agrees, though, Ezra Beauregard Berk is a cutie.
I don't think you can tell here but he is tiny. 
Here he is with Bella

Also, I got a new computer and it is now in my possession and it is also tiny - a new MacBook. It is so light and, of course, much faster than mine from 2009. I am just enough of a techie to be really happy with new, but I have decided that I don't need an AppleWatch (although I thought about it for a long time)

Sara and Greg are here helping us catch up on things that haven't gotten done since Dean hurt his shoulder so badly. Mainly today Sara and I worked in the house and backyard and Greg worked on the porch with Dean's help and "supervision". We are so thankful to have them here. 

I haven't been to the studio since I gessoed and repainted the big canvas but I will be there again after vacation.  More painting to be done!

All will be well


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