Oh, Dear

When I went to the audiologist two weeks ago I made an appointment for a follow-up, as one does of course. The appointment is for tomorrow. At eight in the morning. The forecast temperature is 3 degrees F.  Three. No zeros. The windchill will make it feel like -11. That is minus 11. Fahrenheit. Cold. What was I thinking?

DH bought flowers at the end of lat week. Isn't this rose just beautiful? In the background are some Alstroemerias and there are also two large Hydrangeas. I would like to paint this rose. Maybe. Someday. 

Here is what I really am painting. The upper right hasn't been started yet and I don't know whether to just continue with the color blocking or add an image. (not the rose). 
This is the image I might go for if I decide to add an image. Just the flower. Not the chair, blanket, neighbor's house, etc. 

This is the latest painting. I wish that the colors were closer to the real thing because I really like this in person. 

We had snow to day several times with melting in between. Snow again later in the week. I think our weather forecasters must have predicted the big storm in NYC because they said that we were to have five to eight inches and we had about that many flakes. 

All Is Well, 


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