An interesting week

It has been interesting this week. First we were promised 6"-8" of snow that did not fall. A few flakes, a scattering, stuff that you could see but that then melted only to be r placed by more of the same which also melted. Then on Wednesday night we were told that we would have less than an inch and awoke Thursday morning to 5" or more. This is the best illustration I know of for climate change - no one seems to know what is going on weather-wise.

Today is lovely and sunny and the white stuff is melting. It might take a while for the ice clumps on the from steps, though. I swept a path for the postman to get up to the porch, but didn't get the whole width and the remainder is all ice.

While I have been inside waiting for warm weather, I have been painting. Here are the latest ones.
This looks springy to me

For that matter, so does this. 

I will next attempt an extreme close-up of a rose and if that works I will do several more of different roses or views, but always very close-up. 

All is Well


Vicki Styons said…
Hope you show more skill than I with the flower close-ups! I told myself the last time it snowed that I would get the shovel and put it on the back porch so it would be handy to clear away the snow. Of course, I forgot when actually snowed.

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