The Clean Desk Is Worth It

Yesterday was Vicki's birthday and the dinner was planned to be at my house. All was well until we discovered that in the cleaning up of the wiring tangle (another story) in the basement, the oven was out and the problem was not not easily traced to the source. Texas white sheet cake mixed. No oven. Dean took it to church but the oven there left us with a thin black corner and three thicker slightly over-cooked corners. The beef noodle and crumble noodle casseroles went into the toaster oven and microwave. We had a lovely Sweet Kale (bag) salad, good conversation and a loving family. That's how it rolls at our house. 
Lights on the microwave - none on the oven

I did get some flowers arranged in the dining room.
and I got my desk cleaned off and it looks so good that I am going to try to keep it that way,getting out the things I am using, then putting them away. The "away" part needs a little work, but I am up to that thanks to reading The Magic of Tidying Up.

I should have one of those tables that have a top that lifts, revealing a storage place. Then again, that lamp is a little heavy to lift every time I need something!

All is well and all is well, 


Unknown said…
The flowers were beautiful and the meal was delicious. Thank you for going to so much trouble.

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