2015 - off to a good start!

Sara is here and today she and DH tackled the basement. That might not sound like much but it is near to being condemned by the health department, I think. Jenny did lots of work on it while she was here for Thanksgiving but there is so much more to do that it nearly takes your breath away. I will not be posting a picture because you might call the authorities - or the hoarder site!

These are the three canvases that I have been working on.

Earth and all Stars


I am not sure of the names of any of them and I am not sure whether or not they are finished. Sometimes you have to get away and then come back to see what is needed. If you have a critique, let me know. 

I am still working on the Lizard Ridge afghan that I promised Jenny last year. I have 8 and ½ blocks to go then it has to be blocked and put together. I am aiming for her birthday at the end of January as a finish date. 

As you can see, it is very colorful and I have a lot of it done (two mire than in the photo). When it is blocked it will be wavy instead of lumpy. 
I have an appointment for a haircut Monday morning. What should I do? I am ready for a change. 
Are you making changes for 2015? Has your year started well? Let me know. 

All Is Well, 


Unknown said…
Glad to see that 2015 is getting off to a good start. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Take care and keep in touch. Alyce
Unknown said…
Did Sara get a tetanus shot before descending to the basement?
Your paintings look good. I am jealous of your work ethic with them.

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