I'm Still Here

You might have thought that I had given up blogging and I nearly did, but here I am again. I have been busy with three classes again but one is finished, one is finishing in ten days and one is finishing in two weeks except that I have to write a little talk to give on 1 December for graduation(EfM). There are, of course a few other things to do as well. It appears that November will be a busy month.

Meanwhile, I, whether for good or not I am not sure, have run across this book.
I always thought of tidying up as putting things back in place and maybe running a dust cloth over the furniture. Not so to this Japanese girl who believes that tidying up means handling everything, and I mean every little thing you own and deciding if it "strikes joy" or should be discarded in one way or another.  She suggests starting with clothes and that is what I have done. We  have given away about six full kitchen garbage bags of clothes and shoes and I haven't really started on the shoes. 

Here are all my hanging clothes. Actually I have a few other things. Two very dressy party dresses, one short and one long, that I haven't yet tried on, and a few summer things. 

These are scarves, gowns and shirts. All of them but what I now have on. I do have a drawer with some jeans and other pants. 

Undies and camisoles (sideways picture, sorry)and bathing suits. 

Socks, hankies, tights and the stuff that goes in my purse. 

Even the coat closet benefitted from a cleanup. 

We have begun tackling books and have a few hundred ready to go to the used book store or library but there are still a few shelves to be sorted. Papers will be next and that will be quite a job, I'm sure. Mementoes and little things fall in line just ahead of (shudder) the basement, the garage, and the studio. I have begun on the studio but even there much remains to be done. I want to have all this finished by the end of the year, but that might not be reasonable. Hold a good thought!

Meanwhile, DH is to have arthroscopic surgery to repair the torn ligaments of his rotator cuff on Friday. He will have his arm in a sling that will be attached to his body and they have said to wear a shirt that will go on his left arm and around his body and button.  I don't think they know the size of his shoulder and arm.  I might have to get two shirts, take the front off one and stitch it to the placket of the other and go from there. Kind of a double-breasted flannel shirt. Maybe we will start a new fashion. 

It is busy days here but not so busy that I don't think of you.
All is well and all will be well, 



Unknown said…
If I am picturing it correctly, Dean's shirt will go over his right arm. However his arm will probably be mostly in front of him. Perhaps some big shirts from GW would be a good idea. I have been going through my belongings also but not with the intensity you are displaying. I ran out of steam so perhaps your blog will be the kick start I need to get back on track.

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