Coolness and Chocolate

When I read about the summer snow in the northwest I hoped that we would get some of that cool air and today we did. It is such a welcome break from the hot and humid days that we have been having. It was so nice, in fact, that I cut the grass and did not pass out from the heat! I also went to the grocery store for a few items, put a quilt on the frame, did some laundry, finished a book and took the car through the carwash. For me that is a busy day. Tonight I have opened windows (the ones we have gotten open) and I am looking forward to a cool night's sleep, smelling the air scented by the Mars plant. I think they are baking the cookie part of TWIX.

About the book I finished. I read a mention of author Louise Penny and have since then been devouring her mysteries. The hero is Superintendent Armand Gamache who has thoughtful brown eyes and non of the brashness usually associated with crime solvers. Set in Quebec, the stories are peopled with a variety of characters who develop throughout the series. Ms Penny also scatters poetry within the stories but not too much and very well written.  She doesn't write it herself, and in the fourth book she tells who the poets are that she is quoting. The poetry  is good enough that I will be looking for their books, too. 

Here is Bella after her recent haircut. The poodle has come out. She was so knotty and matted that the groomer had to trim her rather closely. Without all the usual hair hanging in her eyes she is seeing the world anew!

Here in Cleveland we have some of the most industrious spiders I have ever seen. The webs don't radiate from a central point but are almost knit. There are often two layers and they are so dense that they look like fabric - something like chiffon or silk organdy. AND, they are everywhere .If you tear all the webs down one day they are back the next. The front and back porches have loads of them and one spider even had the nerve to send a silk strand down to my paint brush! While I was at the table (but not using that brush)!! Nervy girl. I have walked through so many of those things that I am almost resigned to it. Now that's sad.

Something else kinda sad. About two weeks before Jackson left us I ordered raised dog beds for both dogs. They were delivered yesterday.  I hope that Bella will use hers and we will find someone else to use the other one. 

All is well and all is well


Unknown said…
well, well, well. i messaged but it didn't publish. second try
Unknown said…
I thought Buddy called you re dog bed.

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