The week that was

It has been well over a week since I have posted. Two weeks? I really don't know and I don't even have any photographs to illustrate what all had been happening. 

Sara came here and helped her dad with the fence in the back yard. We now have fence all around although on two sides it is only horse wire heeled to metal posts. That will all change, but at this time I am just so glad to be able to let the dogs out in the yard without having to be there holding their leashes that I do't even care about how beautiful the fence is. I see it as lovely!

Jackson also had knee surgery, began a nice recovery, had a failure of the surgery, had more surgery with its associated risk of infection, opened the wound, and refused the 10 horse pills a day without a real set to between the two of us. At that point I began giving him injections of antibiotic every day, trying to keep him from licking, etc. That guy can lick a would even with a cone around his neck and can remove any bandage devised by man. He is now at the Vet's home until tomorrow so he can be restitched. For a while he couldn't walk and had to be carried up the porch steps (only four in the back)  and escorted around the yard. He frequently fell over, necessitating hauling his rear up again and washing him off. I was very tired. I have never spent so much time with my head down and my rear in the air!

Meanwhile, pictures for the church directory were being made and DH and I were the lock up people when they finished at night. Unfortunately, at this time, DH also had a trip to Columbus OH and to Greensboro, NC which meant that Vicki had to come over twice a day to help with Jackson. She was a life-saver. 

Things are better now and I will be taking some photos and sharing some more and better things with you during the coming week. 

Jut remember this:
All is well 


Unknown said…
Hopefully Jackson will get well soon! It sounds like you are in need of a well deserved vacation! -Amy Mc

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